Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flat Weave - The Classically Casual Rug

Flat-weave rugs have become the de-rigueur selection for floor covering of the millennium. They have a simplicity that denotes a casual, laid-back lifestyle. That having been said, the offerings run the gamut. From synthetic weather-resistant outdoor carpets to hand woven bath-mats, there is something for just about everyone and every budget.

Stripes are a staple of the flat-weave market. This effect is simple to achieve by varying the color of the warp threads in a pleasing pattern. However, world-over, there are historic examples of wonderful geometric flat-woven designs. From Navajo blankets to Indian Dhurries, tribal traditions have infused meaning into the patterns that represent their cultures.

Today Dash and Albert offers panoply of outdoor rugs. Woven from spun polypropylene, these carpets hold their color, resist mildew and are tough as nails! We have one of these work-horses in our mudroom and it holds up to all that Vermont can dish out (including Mud Season!).

There are a number of retailers who have tapped the resources of mills in Asia to offer exceptional values in either cotton or course wool. I recommend doing some research into the social responsibility of these manufacturers, as many of these sources endorse exploitive work practices.

For a truly special application, you might want to consider a custom woven rug. Select colors from a wide range of pom-poms. Develop a design or select a pattern from the weavers’ portfolio. And roll out your truly custom creation. These rugs make for great stair runners when woven in all wool. Working with a skilled installer, fine details like mitered corners and hemmed edges bring a level of sophistication to this simple material.