Thursday, July 25, 2013

Back to Nature

In this crazy fast-tracked life where we live, there is a strong movement from high-tech to soft-touch. While the i-phone has become the de rigueur accessory for the average American, we yearn for the feel of natural materials with a palpable sense of life.

Designers in all disciplines are tapping into more natural pallets to soften the edge of life. My 15 year-old son recently purchased a “skin” for his i-phone that is made of bamboo veneer. I own a pair of eye glasses with teak temples. And I recently received a Fathers’ Day gift of a Wee Wood watch that my thoughtful wife found on Pinterest!

Natural materials are being rethought in the home as well. Exquisite tiles are cut from hardwoods. Vessel sinks are honed from solid blocks of stone.
We at Ramsay Gourd Architects recently completed a restaurant design that acknowledges the region's rich history of quarrying marble. There we back-lit locally sourced marble in order to highlight the materials natural characteristics.